Symposer Delete

The Fiesta ST180 and ST200 are fitted with a device called a Sound Symposer to accentuate the aural sounds of the engine (and direct it into the cabin). Devices like these are fitted to most modern vehicle to keep the vehicles outside sound levels at an acceptable level for other motorists, pedestrians and residential/office buildings. The drive for improved cabin insulation also dulls the acoustic sounds of a sporty car somewhat forcing the engineers to come up with something to give back the car’s charisma hence shoving fake sound into the cabin.
Potential Problems of the Sound Symposer
At higher levels of modification, the sound symposer can often lead to a boost leak causing a slight loss of power or a ‘not so smooth’ power band. Another problem that arises is one starts to notice the ‘fake-ness’ of the sound when fitting an exhaust or intake kit and to most, it’s just irritating.
How to delete it
It’s quite simple, in the diagram bellow you can see that the rubber hose (annotated in blue #4) is held on by a spring band hose, #2. This can be removed by using a longnose clamp to pry it open and removed away from the hose. The hose can then be pulled off by hand. You can either buy 32mm end caps from your local hardware store with the appropriate worm clamp or due to demand we sell this as a kit. The remainder of the hose that is directed into the cabin can be left in place or it can be disconnected behind the battery box and blanked off as well.
ST180 Symposer
We do not recommend this as a boost tap location. An accurate manifold boost reference such as the PumaSpeed boost tap will give you both +ve and -ve readings (pressure & vacuum)